What Health Type Are You?

About PH360.me

This page is not really about the retreat, but it is an introduction both to www.PH360.me and also the founder Matt Riemann.  Matt Riemann was the main healer/retreat leader for the intensely life changing retreat that I attended in Mexico, which actually lead me to the point of wanting to host the Cosmic Soul Healing retreat in September.  My introduction to Matt Riemann was from a telesummit call in which he was talking about epi-genetics.  During that time, I was in still dealing with Ulcerative Colitis and I was looking for alternative healing methods, including change in diet, etc. I joined PH360.me in February 2016 after watching a video of Matt Riemann on YouTube. I could feel his passion about his real desire to change the health of the world by 2050.  I just had to be a part of this.  This decision also was the first step toward getting me to the 7 night  Numinatus Healing Retreat that was so life changing for me in Mexico, March 19th to 26th, 2017.   PH360 also offers shorter retreats (5 nights) that specifically revolve around you and your Bio-Type and how you can create your lifestyle to support your highest health.  There are components of healing in these retreats, too, but they are more focused around teaching you how to implement the healthiest lifestyle for your personal Bio-Type.  You can find more information at PH360 Retreats.  There are Detox retreats (specific to your Bio-Type) and regular pH360 retreats.

Which Health Type Are YOU?

You can now take a short test (10 minutes) to find out what your personal Health Type (Bio-Type) is.  Visit http://HealthTypeTest.org if you want to start knowing more about your personal health.  The "PH" in PH360 stands for Personalized Health.

After you take the test, you will get a free 15 page Personalized Health Report specifically for YOU giving advice on food for your body, special exercise that benefits you, social connections that make you happy, etc. All the information in the report is all specific to your own Bio-Type. PLUS you get free membership to the Health Lounge, which has a ton of additional resources... and yes, its 100% FREE so share it with your friends! 

In the Health Lounge you can go and take some additional courses and learn even more about the different Bio-Types (free, of course). You will also find a lot of information about the science behind the program and why it works (because it is personalized for you)!

If you are interested in taking control of your own health and life, this is for you. It is so interesting and absolutely a game changer if you really follow the advice and recommendations.  If you have answered the questions from the Health Type Test and done the measurements correctly and you don't feel like the description of your Bio-Type is actually you, it means you are probably out of balance in some area of your life.  PH360.me can help you reclaim your balance to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Who Is Matt Riemann?

Click on the file below to read about Matt Riemann's story and background.  To me personally, Matt is an amazingly gifted healer, visionary and humble servant to all of humanity.  He works tirelessly to change the world, one person at a time, giving love, encouragement and full presence.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Matt.  Thank you for helping me feel again, to feel the joy and love and peace that we all have within us.