Nacho Arimany - Sound Healing

“By synchronizing the brain with the harmonic pattern of growth and evolution, we create and renew internal balance with a specific space in the body where the true resonant voice of the individual flows, creating free energy in the whole system with deep transformation.” – Nacho Arimany

The Arimany Method

ARIMANY METHOD: Elemental Sounds & Rhythms (Getting in Flow)

The Arimany Method is a movement and voice technique that helps to create specific architecture in the brain based on the properties of the Golden Ratio. By listening to resonant sounds, moving in specific patterns and harmonizing with our voice, we experience body and brain alignment. The result is a calmer, more productive body and brain.

As we practice the Arimany Method, we explore the rhythms of nature and how they can be applied to facilitate homeostasis and its specific architecture in the brain promoting rapid learning, peak performance, neuroplasticity, mind and body alignment and harmonic growth. The release of the natural and resonant voice of the individual will be the result of this new mind and body alignment in this vibrational sound healing.  Nacho's music is healing music for the soul and the Nacho Arimany Method is sound healing therapy.

Elements of the Arimany Method

Sound Connection

  • Delivers peace and calm to the body and mind
  • Teaches mental discipline
  • Provides personalized experiences of sound and silence
  • Introduces the practice of sound meditation for daily calming and alertness (wonderful for right before a meeting or right after a presentation or meeting to re-balance cognition and self-regulation)

Natural Sounds and Rhythms

  • Teaches the neurobiological underpinnings of sound and how it enhances our daily lives
  • Engages the audience with the power of experiencing what they naturally know and notice through the vestibular, auditory and kinesthetic systems of the body
  • Enhances personal creativity and productivity by introducing empirically based research underlying the value of sound and movement in our daily lives
  • Introduces the practice of sound meditation for daily calming, cognitive skill building, cognitive organization, executive function skills and focus

Exercises to Build Rhythm and Timing

(Known to improve cognitive organization, attention, focus, self-regulation)

  • Fine motor movements such as tapping, clapping
  • Use of simple instruments (sound shakers, tambourines)
  • Teaches rhythms to build cognitive functioning (5,7,9)
  • Enhances timing and movement integration of upper and lower body
  • Teaches a series of exercises for alerting and calming
  • Allows attendees to experience creativity in movement
  • Teaches meditative value of vocal sounds (OM-AH)

Body Percussion

  • Enhances gross and fine motor skills
  • Enhances physical balance in the body (workout of the vestibular system) and the balance of left-right sides of the body & brains
  • Enhances coordination of feet, hands and voice
  • Teaches group orchestration


  • Strength and Body Alignment
  • Enhances Personal Creativity
  • Supports Anti-Aging & Anti-Stress
  • Focused Mind and Grounded Body
  • Promotes Fast learning & Peak Performance
  • Develops Executive Function
  • Helps to Achieve a Meditative State

Muscian for the Brain

In the beginning of 2014, after two years of composing and producing, Nacho Arimany launched Advanced Brain Technologies, inTime , a  rhythm-based music listening method developed to influence brain performance. More than 5 hours of Intercultural Sounds blended with flamenco rhythms and multiple instrumentation is played and performed entirely by Arimany.  

You can also search YouTube for "Nacho Arimany" to listen to his amazing music or search "inTime Nacho Arimany" on YouTube to see a series of inTime videos that are made in conjunction with Advanced Brain Technologies.