Media Resources

I resonated with parts of these media resources (videos, books, blog articles, etc.) and would like to share them with you. Some aspect of each one felt true for our current time.


Pam Gregory interviews “Zac” channeled by Janet Treloar

October – 2021 – ‘Zac’ is a high vibrational essence, and aspect of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul, whom Janet Treloar has been channeling out-of-body for over a decade. In this cosmic collaboration Pam Gregory interviews ‘Zac’ on the theme of how understanding the Kuiper Belt Objects can help our human evolution – or ‘evalation’ as Zac calls it.

“The Gift” on Netflix (3 seasons, 8 episodes each season) 2019

Note: You need a Netflix subscription to view this series. This series touches on so many relevant topics: parallel universes, divine feminine/masculine balance, never dying, etc. This is a Turkish series with voice-over in English.


Hara: The Vital Center of Man by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

Aug 2021 – After one of my Toad Medicine experiences, the shaman suggested that I have not found “my center” yet. I remembered this book and re-read it. The book talks about how to remain in flow – in motion – but the words he uses are to allow the Being to move you.  He mentioned basic trust.  He is giving an indication of how to live, including body, mind and spirit to allow the Being to move through us.


Blog article on Daniel Schmit’s peronal experience with Entheogens.

I really enjoyed Daniel Schmidt’s perspective on entheogens and his sharing about how the entheogen won’t “do it” for you. You still need to do the day-to-day practice and make it a new “habit” to integrate the awareness into the physical.