Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect?

It is best of you come with no expectations.  If you come with an open heart and open mind, you may just leave with the most amazing life-changing experience you have ever had.  We have Nacho Arimany giving a brain balancing sound and vibration workshop and Don Eric and SolKin administering the Shamanic Journey with the Sonoran Toad Medicine.  Both are very different but very powerful experiences, both of which I experienced in Mexico (see My Journey for more details or click the picture above).

What Should I Bring?

Bring comfortable clothing.  In the Pacific Northwest in September, it can be sunny and in the 70's or rainy and in the 50's.  Bring a warm fall jacket, hat and gloves if you tend to get cold.  For the Shamanic Journey and Sound Healing Workshop, you will probably be outside most of the day.  You can also bring some of your favorite snacks.

Who is the Retreat For?

The retreat is for anyone who feels the calling to relieve their body of the stress and burdens of this lifetime and past lifetimes, to feel whole again, to feel motivated and excited about life so we can make this world Heaven on Earth, as was intended in the Divine Plan.  We are all One and will live in Unity Consciousness very soon if everyone completes their integral part of the plan.

Who is Nacho Arimany?

Nacho Arimany is more than a multi-instrumentalist with a special ear for world percussion, he’s a translator, and a channel for creating dialogue between different cultures. This dialogue is spoken through rhythm, and Arimany said this language is universal and spoken by all of us.  Click this picture to find out more about the Arimany Method and what he will be teaching in the Sound Healing and Vibration Workshop.

Who are Don Eric and SolKin?

Don Eric and SolKin live in Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  There they preform various kinds of Shamanic Journey Ceremonies to assist people in their spiritual evolution. For more information about the Toad Shamanic Journey, click the picture above.  

What is Bufo Alvarius-Toad Medicine?

Bufo Alvarius, also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad or the Colorado River Toad, is a psychoactive toad found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The nectar, which is milked from the glands of Bufo alvarius, contain 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenine, which have psychedelic effects when inhaled. The toad is not harmed when the nectar is removed from the toad.  Click the picture above for more information and links about the Bufo Alvarius.