Don Eric and SolKin

Medicine Man and Medicine Woman for the Sonoran Desert Toad

The chemical molecules (neurotransmitters) which are present in plants and some animals are what traditional shamanic healers throughout the planet perceive to be the means of communication of Gaia, the Earth, our collective mother, with us.

The powerful and marvelous medicine that comes from the glands of the Sonoran Desert Toad or Bufo Alvarius (the toad is not harmed) is also known as 5-Meo-Dmt, or "The God Molecule".

We would like to emphasize that this is a PERSONAL THERAPY, one patient at the time will be attended to in the MEDICINE CIRCLE. The Personal Therapy takes about 45 minutes per person, but the healing in the Medicine Circle will take all day.

Receiving the Sacred Medicine of Bufo Alvarius is a reason to celebrate.  You will get to know yourself better, exploring and amplifying the vision of ourselves and the world around us.

This is an incredible opportunity to heal and live a transcendental experience through this powerful and Ancestral Medicine of Mesoamerica.

The incredible thing about the Toad Medicine, is that it has exactly the right concentration and the right enzymes needed for the transformation of o- methyl-bufotenin into 5-Meo-Dmt. This is easily and rapidly absorbed through the blood brain barrier, allowing us to reach a heightened state of awareness, and opening dimensional portals, while at the same time healing us and our entire species.

Depending on the state of consciousness and the level of toxins in his body, the participants can experience the following states of being:

  • Dissolution of unconscious cellular memories, which lead one to addictions, compulsive behavior, psychosomatic illness and suffering.
  • Sensation of being launched into the Void at an enormous speed.
  • Fusion of the participant with his surroundings.
  • Sensation of the body exploding into millions of particles.


After the administration of 5-Meo-Dmt, the participant will experience a profound liberation of traumatic and emotional stress, this being the most important benefit. The process of purification and stress liberation can go on for several hours or even days.

The participant will encounter his ego fractured or reduced and minimized, permitting that way a vision of unconditional love.


In order to prepare for your experience, abstain from drug use a few days before the ceremony. Do not drink alcohol the day before the ceremony. The day of, fast or only eat a  light fruit breakfast the morning of the ceremony. You can bring, fruits, seeds, nuts, flowers, or candles for the altar.  The ceremony is a sacred event and must be respected.  Even before you get to the retreat, you can start practicing deep belly breathing.  Click the link to learn the benefits of belly breathing and learn how to practice belly breathing and other breath techniques.  The breath is an important part of the Toad Medicine Journey.  Start practicing, especially if you are a chest breather.