Code of Ethics

This Honor Code of Ethics and Good Practice will be followed and guides my desire to interact with people in the most competent and ethical manner.  I am not a teacher, but I help coordinate events which may allow openings for people. I strive to follow these principles in my daily life and in my interactions with all people, however I may meet them.

I commit to:

  1. Hold myself to the highest standards of ethics, right behavior, and professional competency, as commonly recognized by my peers.
  2. Perform my role as host in a caring and compassionate manner, in both one-to-one interactions and groups.
  3. Respect the rights, dignity, and safety of all participants.
  4. Foster autonomy, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and emotional maturity in the participants and myself.
  5. Treat participants’ questions, concerns, doubts, and experiences with respect, and never trivialize or dismiss their enquiries.
  6. Be self-aware, open, and humble about the limitations of my knowledge and experience.
  7. Make only honest, realistic statements regarding the benefits of the offering.
  8. Refrain from giving counsel in matters outside of my areas of training and expertise.
  9. Be honest, clear and transparent regarding business and financial matters and terms of the offering.
  10. Honor the sanctity of privacy and maintain the confidentiality of everything conveyed to me in confidence.
  11. Use proper care and caution with any guest facilitators I invite to present their offerings to participants, specifically any offering that may potentially cause harmful side effects.
  12. Acknowledge that I am a human being with human a personality, limitations, drives, and needs.  If I make a mistake, discuss it in a mature way with whomever I may have unintentionally harmed and do not abandon my inner knowing and slip into powerlessness.
  13. Never manipulate, exploit, influence, or deceive a participant to satisfy my personal aspirations, needs, or desires.
  14. Establish and maintain clear and wholesome professional boundaries with all participants and associates.
  15. Never abuse the trust of participants to obtain personal benefits or push a personal agenda.
  16. Cultivate and practice honesty, integrity, compassion, humility, and empathy with all parties.
  17. Engage in continuous self-reflection, learning, and holistic personal growth. Genuinely always do my best.
  18. Regularly review my motivations for serving as host and monitor the integrity of my words and actions.
  19. Encourage feedback about my services, communication and behavior—and take that feedback seriously.
  20. Address promptly any personal issues, concerns, or challenges that might affect my professional competency.

This Honor Code of Ethics will be continually reassessed and periodically revised. I also acknowledge that many of the guidelines touch upon highly complex and nuanced issues.  I promise I am doing my best to serve you in an ethical and holistic way.  If you feel I have not fulfilled this promise, please contact me so we can discuss your concern.

Thank you. Krisanne Heinze.