Sonoran Desert Toad - Bufo A.

Resources for Bufo Alvarius

The toad medicine should be taken with respect for the process, the substance and the experience.  It is a spiritual journey.  Don Eric and SolKin are Shamans who put their heart and soul into providing the best environment for the journey.  They offer the Sonoran Desert Toad Medicine experience with love and tender care. The Sonoran Desert Toad is also known as the Bufo Toad or Bufo Avarius and the nectar from its glands is 5 MeO DMT which is an organic substance that we naturally create in our body.

Books or Links for Reference

The God Molecule by Gerardo Ruben Sandoval Isaac, MD, OB-GYN

Excerpt from his Forward:

"5-MeO-DMT, the world's most powerful entheogen.  The crown jewel.  The God molecule.  The tool that allows us to experience the fullness of that which we truly are - the divine light of God that is the source and substance of all of reality.  The revelation of That Which Truly Is."

Tryptamine Palace by James Oroc

 I have not read it yet, but it was recommended by Don Eric.

My Personal Experience

For more details or a longer story, visit the "My Journey" page, but here are the highlights of my journey with Don Eric and the Toad Medicine. -- Krisanne Heinze

Sunday, April 3rd, 2017 was my last full day in Tulum and The Toad Ceremony was in Playa del Carmen, outside of the city in the jungle where Don Eric lives.  He has built this amazing home and has a sacred space to conduct the ceremony.  It was just the three of us until later in the afternoon when two others showed up.  I went first.  Don Eric was so supportive and helpful.  He ignites the medicine and then it is inhaled.  It instantly goes through the blood brain barrier and you are instantly in the medicine.  First, I felt I was the void, the pulsing energy of the universe.  The nothingness, the everything-ness.  Then I went all the way back to the beginning of time when man separated from God, when separation consciousness started and I came back through that time tunnel.  I don’t know if I had agreed to it or it just happened that way, but I had carried the burdens and the heaviness of humanity’s pain for each lifetime.  Each lifetime, it got heavier and denser and more painful.  I was not only carrying my pain but all of humanity’s.  I was told that I don’t need to do it anymore.  It is over.  It is done.  I don’t need to feel any more pain or carry anyone else’s pain.  I should enjoy my life, enjoy being incarnate and have fun.  Don’t take things so seriously and just be me.  I felt the spirits working on my body (Don Eric was working on my body, but I felt it to be spirits) to release from my cells the pain and the genealogical beliefs that I was carrying.  As I started to come out of the trance, the first thing I said (per Martin) was, “Oh, what a relief”.  It felt like total relief.  My heart/chest area (heart chakra) really was hurting and tight so I was tapping, rubbing, shaking it to try to get that tightness cleared out.  Also, the right side of my head really hurt.  Don Eric said he cleared something out of my brain.  I don’t know if now the right brain is more activated or what really happened with my head.  I worked on my body for a while, however, I did not feel complete.  I did not feel that all of humanity’s pain had been cleared out of my body yet.  I still felt some there.  That was the end of my experience for that day.  After I came out of it, I felt good and normal.  Nothing like a hangover or feeling bad.  Just normal.

However, the effects of the toad continued.  That night at about 2am, I felt myself in the void again.  I was so familiar and I wanted to put a name on it, but it has no name.  It has no label.  It was so nice.  That night I was also staying at Zamas down by the beach in Tulum, Mexico.  I woke up early at 5am and since it was my last morning, I wanted to go and watch the sunrise.  I was lying down on a beach lounge chair looking up at the stars, when my body started to do things on its own (I was not consciously doing it).  I did the lion’s breath (like in yoga when you open your mouth and go aaahhhhh).  Then I started with a forceful breath out from my belly.  Lastly, I started convulsing and chanting like a medicine man/woman.  What was interesting, is the day before (after Kat took the toad medicine), Kat was doing all those clearing things too.  She did not convulse and chant, but she did the lion’s breath and the forceful belly breath.  It is the body’s way of clearing the genealogical and humanity’s pain.  I sat there and convulsed on the beach chair, chanting, for quite some time.  At least it seemed like a long time to me.  Finally it stopped and I felt totally whole and complete.  The incompletion of the clearing from the day before was now cleared.  Over. Done. Gone. I was so grateful, I just sat there and cried in gratitude to all.  To Matt, to the Angels, to Don Eric, to all my teachers that came before, to my guides, to God, to all.  Then I asked some questions that I had been mulling over and the answers were so clear.  So concise.  I felt really connected to God and I felt so happy, so clear, so on the right track. 

Updates to My Experience

4/16/17:  Easter Sunday

I feel compelled to share new insights throughout my process of learning and I will do it here, on this page as a form of updates.  Today is Easter Sunday.  I am not religious, but it does hold a special meaning for me about resurrection, about being reborn.  This morning, I was crying tears of gratitude to Jesus for his gifts to humanity, crying in gratitude for all the souls (both incarnate and not incarnate) that are assisting us in our resurrection journeys.  I also realized that the toad medicine is a GIFT.  It is one of the most generous gifts we can be given, especially if we really surrender to the gift, to the knowledge and knowing of ourselves that comes with it, to the release of pain from our cellular body that it offers.  Last night, I went to the talk of a well-known spiritual teacher with a friend.  I actually left feeling very heavy and I did not understand why.  This morning, Easter Sunday, I woke up and his message was so very clear to me.  I also realized that every human soul is so divine and loved and we are all equal in the eyes of God.  The spiritual teachers are not above the students.  The students are not above a drug addict.  We are all on a level playing field and we are ALL here for the same reason.  At some level, even though we are unconscious of it here on Earth, we have agreed to do our part and in the end, we will succeed.  We have already succeeded.  It is done and now we are just playing it out in physical form.  That is encouraging.

The main message is that we MUST transmute our own and humanity’s pain (which is all one in a collective sense) on the EARTH plane, here, in physical form.  It MUST be done this way in order to clean-up the Earth and make it a Heaven on Earth, a place of collective joy, cooperation, love and peace.  If we choose to avoid the clean-up process, we carry our pain into the next dimension (Heaven, afterlife, whatever you want to call it….the place our souls go after we leave our Earthly bodies).  We don’t feel the pain there because it is a place of unconditional love, but it remains in our energy field, with the need to be cleared.  In order to clear it we must come back to Earth because the pain is carried in our physical cellular bodies and structure and must be cleaned out of our physical bodies and structures.  To me, that is the cycle of Karma, which I have never truly understood.  Our pain must be cleaned up here on Earth, out of our physical bodies, when we are in physical form.  We also carry genealogical pain (so not necessarily our personal creation) but we carry it and have the ability to clear it.  This is a new way of thinking for me.  Before, I believed that we had total choice whether to incarnate or not, which at some level we do in the afterlife, but we have guides that will encourage us to come back (sooner than later) to continue the clean-up process.  For many eons, instead of the clean-up process, we were creating more density to clean-up.  The exciting news is that now humanity IS doing the clean-up.  There is more light being created than density and the balance is shifting.  It has been decided as a collective, that we will clean up the Earth and it is happening and at a quick rate, but it is not always going to feel good.  In fact, sometimes it feels downright awful.  What you see happening in the world right now does not feel good, but it is necessary to the clean-up process, so just focus on your part and the rest will fall into place.  The crux of the message last night was if you surrender, even to what does not feel good, you are allowing Life to teach you, cleanse you and you come out the other side more whole than you were before…and this is a necessary process.  I feel that the Toad Medicine is a Gift to us to help us speed this process up, but it does that only through our own surrender and acceptance and choice.  I hope that you reading this will listen to the call to help humanity (and yourself as you are one with humanity) speed up the clean-up process of your cellular body and through that, the entire Earth plane.  I figure if you are reading this far, you are being called.