What does it feel like to be “In the World” but not “Of the World”?

Internalizing and externalizing the essence of this inquiry.

What does it feel like to be “In the World” but not “Of the World”?
S L O W D O W N.

It is peace.
It is flow with what is.
It is absent judgment, resistance or denial.
It is whole.
It is generous.
It is open.
It is relief.
It is a knowing smile of one who has a secret and is just waiting for the discovery, like a treasure hunt and you were the one who hid the treasure and also are the one enjoying the fun and delight of finding it and sharing it.
It is intimate.
It is defenseless.
It is inclusive.
It is accepting.
It is soft and tender.
It is humble.
It is deep.
It is invulnerable.
It is never-changing.
It is stable.
It is movement.
It is an embrace.
It is complete.
It is forever free.



Slow down.



Feel what is below the surface, not of the world we made, yet still in this world and realm, awakening to the True Reality here and now.

Continue…here and now.

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