Dear Subconscious, I Know You Have Been Trained Not to Trust

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Dear Subconscious,

I know that you have been trained not to trust. You learned through past experiences that when you trusted others, you might be betrayed, heartbroken, abandoned or even killed. You even learned not to trust yourself, as doubt and fear of others would enter the decision-making process. This past experience has become a pattern which is no longer relevant to this time. The pattern of distrust is expressed in the thoughts and actions you pass on to me, your conscious mind, and has restricted us in becoming our whole Self, united with our heart. This pattern has kept our heart bitter instead of allowing it to open and allowing Love to flow.

I thank you for your service, as you were simply trying to keep me and our heart safe. At the time, the distrust patterns did keep us safe. You are part of us, and I don’t reject or shame you. I simply thank you and let you know that the times are different now and we need a new pattern to thrive in a new environment. The only way we move forward into the abundant, joyful Life that is our inheritance, is to trust Life wholeheartedly and trust ourselves and others, as we are not separate from our brothers and sisters. We are one consciousness, each with unique form and gifted qualities of the Whole. The intelligent design is to allow Love/Life to experience Itself in the form of other Selves.

Life is intelligent. Life is unity. Life is sharing. Life is Love. Life is benevolent. You ARE Life. You ARE Love. You ARE unity. Others ARE Life. Others ARE Love. Others ARE unity. It is time to replace the pattern of fear and separation (distrust and resistance) with the new pattern of trust and acceptance of what is.

Sometimes breaking a habit or pattern takes time, but sometimes it can be done with a longing and willingness that comes from deep within (moments the heart feels deeply). The willingness is a miracle because it says, “Enough of the old, painful ways of learning, resisting, distrusting and separation.” The longing to simply live in sanity is stronger than the pattern of fear, insanity and distrust. And it is then done.

I encourage you to choose the miracle and simply move fully into trusting Life, but it is okay if it takes some time or even if you fall back into the old pattern of distrust for a moment, because now you are aware it is an old pattern that does not actually keep you safe, but keeps you stuck in insanity. You are aware that the old pattern of distrust is being rewritten with the new pattern of trust and Love. Whether you take baby steps or choose the miracle (like a quantum leap), the path has been set and there is no turning back because now you know and can never “un-know”. More space has been made for our heart to flow; for you to choose Love and trust. I love you and I thank you.


Your Conscious Mind (and Your Heart)

P.S. I wrote this blog because I had a dream that showed me that even though my conscious mind and my heart choose to trust, my subconscious mind (unknown to me) was still holding patterns of distrust. The patterns did not allow complete freedom for my heart to trust, even though my conscious mind (i.e. ego) thought it did. It is a way to talk to and repattern my subconscious and I hope it will help others find their own path to complete trust in Life.

Krisanne Heinze

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