As I have progressed on this journey and adventure called Life, I am continually learning and changing. I am realizing that I don’t know anything. Some of the things I wrote in 2018 might not even ring that true anymore as the perspective has widened. My deepest desire is to embody abiding True Freedom. We are not our physical bodies and our mind. We are all one consciousness expressing in different ways. Maybe we are not even that! As more of us wake up to knowing, we can accept the experience here on Earth and embody Love. I am committed to waking-up and having a deep compassion for the human experience (our shared human experience).

My journey went full-throttle in 2007 when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. In 2012 I had enough of the allopathic medicine (it was not working) and started my own alternative healing journey, which turned into a spiritual journey. After some amazing physical and emotional healing experiences and exiting a cult-like organization in 2017, I started sharing information on Cosmic Soul Healing in 2018. Since then, I have been on a journey going through phases of learning, unlearning, learning and again unlearning what I newly learned because from a different perspective, it just isn’t true, no matter how excited I was about the “new realization” at the time.

Some of the years leading up to now have been raw and often overwhelming, but never dull. I can honestly say I have finally felt the joy of Being, which has given me a glimpse of Freedom that allows me to occasionally step into life without giving a crap what other people think. The abiding True Freedom is slow coming, but none-the-less, there is a knowing that it is available in each moment.

I don’t know where this journey will lead. I am trusting and surrendering, and it is not always easy to stay in flow and listen to the inner knowing instead of the constant mind chatter. I have quite a strong story-making mechanism (mind) and learning to stay in the stillness as an observer while accepting and loving the story-making mechanism of the mind is an ongoing practice… until it isn’t. Thanks for joining me on this journey. I hope in some way we are supporting each other in the unwinding of the knot we have tied ourselves into vs. tightening the knot.

Sending you a big, huge hug and immense respect and gratitude for Life and our desire to continue widening perspective.

Krisanne Heinze, Seattle, WA