As I have progressed on this journey and adventure called Life, I am continually learning and changing. I reserve the right to change my mind as I gain wisdom. Some of the things I wrote in 2018 might not even ring that true for me anymore. My deepest desire is to walk beside others as they find True Freedom in their own Being. We are more than just physical bodies. We are spiritual beings experiencing on multidimensional levels. As more of us wake up to that truth, we can create a state of Unity and Flow, experienced here on Earth, embodied. I am committed to walking beside others, when asked, and doing whatever is in my capacity to help humans wake up to their own magnificence.

If I am able to help you see your magnificence by helping you understand your astrological birthchart, it is my honor to offer an evolutionary astrological reading which will give you a deeper understanding of how very important your specific thread is to the tapestry of Unity. To book a reading, please go to the Astrology page.

My journey went full-throttle in 2007 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. In 2012 I had enough of the allopathic medicine (it was not working) and started my own alternative healing journey, which turned into a spiritual journey. After some amazing physical and emotional healing experiences and exiting a cult-like organization in 2017, I started sharing information on Cosmic Soul Healing in 2018. Since then, I have been on a journey of stepping into my own personal power. It is a journey that is ongoing and if any of my sharing can help others step into their own power and realize their unique worth, then this is adding value.

Some of the years leading up to now have been raw and often overwhelming, but never dull. I feel like I am the most fortunate mom in the world, with three lovely sons. I am married to an amazingly patient and kind man. I can honestly say I finally feel the joy of Being, which has given me a type of Freedom that allows me to live without giving a crap what other people think.

I don’t know where this journey will lead me. I am trusting and surrendering and it is not always easy to stay in flow, but I know my heart will show me how I can best live out my Spirit’s desires for this lifetime on Earth, moment by moment. I also know it is going to continue being quite the adventure and look forward to every day.

Please join me in awakening to our true potential as multidimensional spiritual beings.

Krisanne Heinze, Seattle, WA